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Daniela Del Villar, from San Miguel, passionate about the environment and social well-being.

During the last decade and a half he has participated and directed educational campaigns and social / environmental movements such as:

  • Composting campaign and workshops in the neighborhood (Barcelona)

  • All for the water (Los Cabos)

  • Comic production "Todos por el agua"

  • Protection of the biosphere from illegal mining (Los Cabos)

  • Pro composting campaign and workshops (Los Cabos)

  • Comic production "separated is not trash" (San Miguel de Allende)

  • Installation of urban gardens and compost production (San Miguel de Allende)

  • Construction of 4 sanctuaries for pollinators including Parque Juárez (San Miguel de Allende)

  • Protest in favor of the 41 trees (San Miguel De Allende)

  • Garbage collection campaigns in the dam (San Miguel de Allende)

  • Conferences: X-ray of garbage and the power of the consumer

  • He directs the CoLab (Collaboration Laboratory) that creates social collaboration events and art festivals.

Along this path he has found a team of incredible collaborators:
Tomás Herrera, Certified Analyst with the Compost Association of America.
Judith López, director of industrial composting at the IPN
Gustavo Lozano, environmental lawyer and activist from the state of Guanajuato

Daniel Blando, Technician in industrial compost and worms for sewage treatment in Argentina.

UC San Francisco Industrial Compost Research Team
Ercilia Regeneration International and reforestation campaigns
In addition to our operations team who together with you are ready to change the world.


Let's be the change. From heart thank you

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