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Are you part of the Compost family in SMA? (15).png

Participate by preventing your organic waste from reaching the landfill and vote for a world with a future, even if you don't need compost

Be the change you want to see in the world.

What is it?

Its a weekly organic waste pick-up service that gives you back  compost

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How does it work?

1.- Sign up (single payment)

2.- Receive your starter pack; Buckets, instructions, user guide and advice.

3.- Activate your weekly collections  

(you can pause or stop at any time)

4.- The compostamovil arrives at your door, takes your bucket with waste and leaves you a clean one.

5.- After a month, receive your incredible compost!

Para conocer todos los detalles visita los


And if I don't need

The important thing is to keep organic waste out of the landfill. If you don't need the compost, you can sell it, regulate it or donate it to reforestation and regeneration projects  in which we participate in alliance with other NGOs



San Miguel

from allende

(radius of 7 kilometers

from downtown.)


How much?

For a 19 liter bucket

$500 registration fee (single payment)

$90 for collection (weekly)


Discounts from 25 to 40%

from the second tray


The collections are paid every month through automatic payment.

You can pause or stop your account at any time.


Start whenever you want

and pause whenever you need to.


Why compost?

Check out this fun short video that explains it all.

mixed garbage

Source of infection and disease

Soil and water contamination

Greenhouse gases

Bad odors and pests


Promotes biodiversity

Healthy soil, strong plants

Retains moisture

You can reverse climate change


It's only garbage if it's mixed.

140 tons of garbage arrive every day at the San Miguel de Allende dump.

50% of “garbage” is organic waste.

Everything that disgusts us with "garbage" and almost everything that pollutes has to do with the poor management of organic waste.


Let´s make it happen

We would like all organic waste in the city to be
composted. Tell your friends and neighbors about this project to
that each time we are more.
Vote with your pesos. Subscribe and share.
If you do not live in San Miguel or do not need the service, consider doing
a donation or sponsor a subscription for someone else.

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You have the power of change

It is up to each of us to decide if our waste becomes gold or poison.


Sign up for Composta SMA and be the change you want to see in the world.

La niebla y la naturaleza

Other ways to help

Become a Green Ambassador


If you would like to be a promoter and collection point for your group of friends (at least 3), you get your free service and other benefits. Contact us to register.


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Vote with your pesos for the world you want. Even if you don't need the service or don't live in San Miguel, consider making a donation or sponsoring a subscription for someone else.  Your support helps us achieve our goals.


Get into volunteering

The first Tuesday of each month we need volunteers to turn ALL the compost, we start at 3 in the afternoon with a workshop on how to make compost.

We are in Alamedas

Send a message to whatsapp 415-11-11-570 advising that it is for volunteering and we will send you the address.

It is important to wear comfortable work clothes that can get dirty, a sun hat, water and a shovel.


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Who are we?

Composta SMA is a group of San Miguel citizens concerned about the environment who collect your organic waste at home and compost it to later return it to you converted into soil rich in organic matter and nutrients.

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